Recruitment questions for .NET Developer – What you need to know before your recruitment interview

Recruitment questions for .NET Developer – What you need to know before your recruitment interview

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Introdution to article

This article is directed to the young developers, who want find the first job as .NET Developer. For the more experienced developers this article will not show any rocket science, the article should be treated as a refreshment of knowledge. After all conversations with nice women’s from HR department probably you will hear one of question from this list.

List of .NET Developer recruitment questions

  1. What are boxing and unboxing?
  2. Difference between interface and abstract class
  3. It is possible to inherit from many classes?
  4. It is possible to implement many interfaces?
  5. Types of class access
  6. What is a reflection?
  7. Describe generic types
  8. What are the operator overloads?
  9. Garbage collector – what it is?
  10. Difference between var and dynamic
  11. Describe any design pattern (For example CQRS, MVVM, MVC or Microservices)
  12. Why developers use design patterns?
  13. What are the attributes in C#? (For example Authorize)
  14. Can the developer make attributes?
  15. What types of loops do you know?
  16. WCF and ABC rule – What is it?
  17. What is the Inversion of Control?
  18. TDD – What is it?
  19. Difference between catch(Exception e){throw e;} and catch(Exception e){throw;}
  20. How to log application life cycle’s?
  21. How to check website performance?
  22. Methods of website attacks – potential threats
  23. What are the triggers?
  24. What are the stored procedures?
  25. Isolation levels of the transaction in SQL Server
  26. What is the ORM?
  27. What is the lazy loading?
  28. When developers should use lazy loading?
  29. Difference between virtual and abstract methods
  30. Difference between FileStream and MemoryStream
  31. What are the Azure Functions?

Possible exercises .NET Developer recruitment

Write a function that verifies the correctness of the parentheses in string:

Correct output format:
( )
( ) ( )
(( ))
( ) (( )) ( ) ((( )))

Incorrect output format:
) (
( ) )
( ) ((( )) ( )
( ) (( )) ( ) ) (

Create method to calculate factorial
Create method to calculate fibonacci sequence

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